Are the paper vouchers secure?

A close cooperation with the experts of the National Bank has allowed us to develop sophisticated protection systems that avoid any effort of forgery. A few examples :

  • Hold the vouchers under a UV lamp : you will see that there are fluorescent fibers in the print and the paper because of the use of fluorescent ink. 
  • If you hold the vouchers against the light and look at them, you will see the watermark : a motif that is incorporated in the paper mass. 
  • Look at the voucher in detail, you will find other security measures : the guilloches (graphic motifs consisting of interrupted, wavy and crossed lines), the microforms,... 
  • Put your fingers on the logo, you will feel the relief printing. 
  • The individual numbering of the vouchers allows to identify each voucher with an optical or magnetic scanner and allows you to trace its track. 
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